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Justin Antonipillai Opens 4th #CDACMtg ~ Watch on Live Stream

Justin Antonipillai Opens 4th #CDACMtgNew York, NY - Counselor Antonipillai kicked off the 4th meeting of the Commerce Data Advisory Council (CDAC) this morning at Google's offices in NYC. This is Justin's first CDAC event since assuming the role of Under Secretary of Economic Affairs in January. CDAC is made up of leading data experts from the private sector, (including Intel, Google, Zillow and others), academia, local government, and NGOs.  They provide advice to the Department of Commerce as we work to improve data for governments, businesses, and other data users.

Justin set the tone for the meeting, thanking the Council for giving up their time to help the Commerce Department revolutionize their data assets to drive innovation and improve government services. Counselor Antonipillai highlighted how the work of the Council was helping drive a cultural change within the Department, viewing data as an exciting new frontier to improve processes and better reach our customers, the American people. Justin also set up the conversation around a new priority for the Department to accelerate efforts to strengthen our core economic statistics, such as GDP. These statistics drive trillions in resource decisions in both the public and private sectors every year. If you're interested in joining the conversation, please follow along in real time with us on the web! #CDACmtg.

See more about the Council and follow Live Stream here:


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